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EXCELLENCE in DES/Congratulations to our students!

Congratulations to our students!
The significant distinction of DES in the 10th Panhellenic competition of the Union of Greek Physicists with eight prizes, including two first prizes!!!
On 11/11 in our central building, the awards were presented to our students by the vice-president of the EEF, Panagiotis Fildisis and the general secretary Paraskevi Klideris, who awarded and praised the outstanding work of our school in the Physics course and our great success in the Panhellenic competition.
But the awards don’t stop there. Our school achieved six significant distinctions in the 16th Panhellenic Competition of Little Euclid, held by the Hellenic Mathematical Society!! The representatives of the EEF and Anni Riga also presented these awards.
Physics laureates:
1) Yannis Kanatas (1st prize)
2) Nikolas Eleftheriou (1st prize)
3) Ilias Smaragdis (2nd prize)
4) Christina Tzifa (2nd prize)
5) Odysseas Stavropoulos (2nd prize)
6) Aris Palmer (3rd prize)
7) Isabella Dayantis (3rd prize)
8) Christos Nil (3rd prize)

The mathematics laureates:
1) Michalis Mitsos
2) Odysseas Stavropoulos
3) Giannis Kanatas
4) Tzortzis Papathanasiou
5) Nikolas Eleftheriou
6) Ilias Smaragdis

We congratulate our award-winning students and seamlessly continue our innovative educational work for developing young students and education in Greece in general.

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