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“I am building solid foundations for everything I will learn and experience in the future”
Dr. Billie Konstantara has redesigned education! Her team has the knowledge, experience, expertise, and relentless motivation to encourage our preschoolers to: acquire the foundations of knowledge, love learning, cultivate their skills and intelligences, discover the world and in parallel explain it, lay the foundations of their personality, to acknowledge and accept their feelings, develop social skills and gain empathy.

Our programme offers the most advanced methods of knowledge transfer

The educational material is adapted to experiential learning, play, discovery, and differentiation which make learning enjoyable for the children! The enriched learning, the modern pedagogical methods based on the “International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme” and the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” (H. Gardner, Harvard University), and the advanced methods of knowledge transfer, create a learning environment that increases the children’s IQ and skills.

Entertaining activities, experiments, and role-playing, help the children discover and cultivate their multiple intelligences and talents.  STEM, physical education, music, foreign languages, emotional education, philosophy, science, mathematics and art, compose our programme.

And all this in the bilingual environment of an IB World School!

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After school clubs

The clubs’ activities begin every October and they provide an ideal environment in which children can nurture their social skills and confidence.

Annie Riga is a visual artist and educator based around Europe. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Falmouth…
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Machi Doriza is a graduate with a first prize in a piano diploma. She is a soloist and an A…
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STEM junior academy
Kostas Konstantas is a graduate of the Department of Physics of the University of Athens and the Department of Primary…
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Annie Riga is a visual artist and educator based around Europe. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Falmouth University UK and then completed her master’s degree at St. Joost Academy in the Netherlands. Annie has previously run after school workshops and weekly art classes at DES and other educational institutions.

The purpose of this English speaking, after-school art class program is to awaken the student’s imagination and creativity while sharpening fine motor skills and building confidence.

The students will be introduced to a wide range of art activities,  including ceramics,  drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and collage. Within these mediums, they will learn about the elements of art:
line, shape, colour, space, texture and value and how to combine these elements to make visually creative artworks. There will be references to different artists and art historical movements relating to the activities. A weekly class will be held throughout the school year. We will explore various artistic realms, such as still life, animals, people, landscapes, and abstract concepts.

By the end of the course, the young artists will take home a fantastic portfolio of completed artwork which they are proud to sign, display, and share. The program will be specially adjusted for the nursery school students, by placing emphasis on more basic artistic skills while keeping it equally challenging and enriching!


Machi Doriza is a graduate with a first prize in a piano diploma. She is a soloist and an A piano teacher and teaches “introduction to music” to our little friends for the last 20 years taking part in concerts in Greece and abroad.

She works at the National Conservatory and other music schools.  She is a member of the Greek Pianists and EEMAPE. She organises concerts, choral performances as well as performances of small groups and also takes part in concerts at the Athens Concert Hall.

The aim of the lesson is for the children to discover the music within them.

STEM junior academy

Kostas Konstantas is a graduate of the Department of Physics of the University of Athens and the Department of Primary Education of the University of Thessaly.

Utilizing both his degrees, he works at DES Primary School as a STEM teacher. His interests as an educator focus on experiential learning and the use of technology (information and communication) in modern education. In this context, he has participated in several educational seminars (i.e. 9th Panhellenic Convention on “Teaching Information Technology). Through Stem Education, Kostas aspires to to help young students specialize in the dimensions of computational, exploratory, analytical critical thinking and to prepare themselves from an early age to develop into tomorrow’s knowledgeable citizens.

Dr. Billie Konstantara

I was born in Germany. My father was a mechanical engineer, and my mother an interpreter of languages. From a young age, I loved to learn! I finished school in Kastella and university in Thessaloniki and Germany, where I completed my thesis at the Department of Psychology at Otto Friedrich Universität Bamberg. I have worked in the field of education since 1989. During my career, I developed an intense activity in research activities, assignments, seminars and conferences in pedagogy and psychology with a specialization in emotional and multiple intelligences. DES is the result of this long and arduous journey. DES is the school where children love to be themselves and love to learn!

Maria Kaberi Teacher/Head of Administration

Children!!!! Is there a more pure or honest relationship?
They give out real hugs, kisses full of love and sincere feelings, those genuine ones that as we grow older, we forget. They say “unfiltered” words to you; they look at you with honesty, full of words that they may not yet be able to pronounce.
I am so lucky to be working with children; they are the reason why my soul does not get older!!!
I thank them for all they give me.

Anna Maria Charalabopoulou Teacher/Head of Pedagogical Team

From a young age, I remember wishing that school never finished!
Fortunately, I made this wish come true! I chose studies that allow me to be close to children so that I can be with them during their first steps in school life and be proud of their development! I feel fortunate to have chosen this profession as every day I find a reason to laugh with my heart and soul, which remains childlike and grows next to my students!

Elsa Kouta Teacher

Once upon a time, now or in the old days, Elsa Kouta was a teacher.
Since March 1994, when she opened the door and met her first little friends, we call her Elsoula!
From a young age, she had long hair (to make it a scarf in the cold), a squeaky voice (the loudest in the neighborhood), and a lot of energy for lots of games!
But something strange is happening; after so many years she is still small, and she goes to nursery school all the time… but I know the secret…. she remains forever a child!!

Katerina Tsolomiti Teacher

“Follow your dreams, they know the way.”
My dream led me to a world worth discovering.
The world of children. You hold their hand, and you take valuable lessons from their aura, the way they love, forgive, dream.
It is so beautiful to help them blossom like flowers and get in touch with the child I have inside me!!!

Sofia Lazaridou Teacher

As a child, I loved learning, always listened to my teachers, and wanted to do what they did; I wanted the children to see me as I saw them. I think I’ve started to achieve that. I want us to grow together but remain children forever!!!

Vasiliki Panagopoulou Teacher

From a young age dealing with children, interacting and learning from eachother made me very enthusiastic.

I am at DES now, in a class with wonderful little children, eager to help them to build solid foundations and get to know themselves and become happy adults, aiming at a bright future that they all deserve!

Thekla Ferentinou English teacher

My name is Ferentinou Thekla. As the oldest child of my family, I enjoyed teaching my siblings because it gave me a purpose.

It was a privilege for me to realize that teaching provides an opportunity to acquire global awareness about the world. Working with children every day, gives me the opportunity to help them realize their full potential and become positive members of our society. That’s why I became a teacher and it’s a lot of fun!

Cynthia Mcgowan English teacher

I’m Cynthia McGowan but everyone calls me Cindy. Here I am with my sister on the left, trying to look like two innocent girls Christmas time.

Little did our parents know we peeked into our wrapped gifts when they were out. It was so exciting! What a thrill! Being a child is a constant thrill as children are mischievous. That’s ONE thing I love about them. Since I cannot be a child again, at least I want to be around them reminiscing those wonderful years.

Mahi Doriza Head of DES music department

In this picture you can see my first music students! I had my dolls all set and ready for a music lesson at the age of 4.

After 38 years of playing piano and 23 of teaching music, I have to admit that when words fail, music speaks louder than anything!

Evangelia Kamnioti P.E. Teacher

I am a graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (T.E.F.A.A.) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, specializing in Greek Traditional Dance.
I am a mother of 2 girls, and my interest in children led me to attend the educational programme “Special Education” of the University of the Aegean (Center for training and lifelong learning). For the 6th year I am the physical education teacher at DES nursery and kindergarten. In my spare time I like to be involved in sports and dance.

Christina Kationi Ballet teacher

I studied classical ballet and contemporary dance and have I have always remained faithful to ballet.
As I get older, I think I made perhaps the most important decision in my life because I couldn’t have done anything else in my professional life! I enjoy what I do, and I truly love it; I love sharing it with the kids! When I was studying my teacher had told us ” to become a good teacher you have to make your students better than you, otherwise there will be no evolution in dance…” and all these years this is what I have been doing!

My goal is to get the best out of my students so that they can help in the evolution of the whole world!!

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Regulations are important as they help a school establish rules and procedures and create standards of quality for learning and safety. Rules provide a sense of predictability and consistency for children, thereby promoting physical and emotional safety. Rules help guide actions toward desired results

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