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Barakos Hill (above Ribas), Varkiza, Greece
4 Demesticha st., 166 72 Varkiza, Greece
9A Kalimnou st., 166 72 Vari, Greece
DES goes to the Greek National Opera – “The magic pillows”

“In a faraway and mythical land, a greedy lord, Arpatilaus the First, determined to increase the production of emeralds in his country, abolishes birthday parties, Halloween, summer holidays, all holidays, even Sundays, which they are renamed, on his orders, to “Prodeuteres” and …”

We watched the show “Magic Pillows” spellbound.
The famous, multi-translated and multi-award-winning work of Evgenios Trivizas, after a long career as a novel and a play, is adapted by the author himself for the first time into an opera for the whole family. George Dousis’s music, rich in emotions, delightfully wanders through the dazzling palaces, poor schools and turbulent emerald mines of Ouranoupoli, bringing to life a set of spartan characters. At the same time, the direction of Natasa Triantafyllis searches for the poetic core and the liberating power of a liberating and inexhaustible classic fairy tale.

Opera Provides Optimum Benefits for Children
While music, dance and design are more apparent skills developed in opera, some more elusive ones include communication, listening, creative problem-solving, empathy, confidence and resourcefulness.

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