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Barakos Hill (above Ribas), Varkiza, Greece
4 Demesticha st., 166 72 Varkiza, Greece
9A Kalimnou st., 166 72 Vari, Greece
DAY + NIGHT @DES Kindergarten
Night and day are important concepts to teach preschoolers. Lessons about the Sun can include information about how it affects light and darkness and human and animal activity. Learning about nighttime and daytime works as a precursor to introducing preschoolers to calendars and other methods of tracking time. We use games, songs, books and science experiments to explore the differences between the different times of day and the Sun and the moon. We explored the science behind this incredible act of how the Earth orbits the Sun and spins on its axis, yielding us night and day. Look at our very own night and day door hanger crafts!
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