Creative writing and illustration workshop : “War and Peace”

The theme of “War and Peace” was explored during the creative writing and illustration workshop, which was held for Year 1, 2,3 and 6 students. Mrs Mania Armeliniou and Mrs Annie Riga discussed with the students the content of the fairy tale “A gun that threw bubblegums!” » which was written by the students during the last school year and was awarded the first prize in the Panhellenic Competition of the Koventario Municipal Library of Kozani. Following the discussion of the book, each student captured their feelings and thoughts through the creation of personal illustrations, personalising each book and making it unique!
We believe that writing and illustration bring thoughts, ideas, and visions to fruition. They give flesh and bones to resonant social messages in an innocent yet dynamic way. We, in turn, give space and freedom of expression to the children with the hope of building a better tomorrow.

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