Adopt a ship DES Project @ POSIDONIA 2022

In the year 3-4-5, students completed the project “Adopt a ship”, which aimed at developing communication skills and knowledge about the shipping industry. They adopted a ship and participated in the ship’s voyages as “land sailors” through online communication with the Captain. They had the opportunity to learn about the ship, the crew’s daily duties and activities, the cargo carried, the ports and geographical information, and more. The students enriched their knowledge about countries, ports, cultures, seas, and oceans, developed their observation, research, communication, and interaction skills and worked as a team to collect information about shipping, the economy and universality.

Our student’s involvement resulted in the creation of material by each class that presented the past, present and future Greek shipping industry.   It was an honour to be invited to the shipping exhibition “Poseidonia 2022” where our students’ work was exhibited through photos and other material.

Our students’ work in detail:

Year 5 Famous explorers and seafarers of the past

Year 4 Shipping in the present

– D1: Passenger ship «Blue Star Des»

– D2: Cargo ship «Des Marine Offices»

– Year 3, the future of shipping



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