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A DES student , Dimitris (Jerry)K. @ University College of Dublin

We are delighted and proud that one of our kids, a DES student, attended the student workshops of a conference held by the University College of Dublin (UCD) on campus titled “Philosophizing Together – a three-day event on doing philosophy with children”.

During the morning session, the students philosophized about the difference (or connection?) between body and mind, government and religion and free will. This fascinating discussion resulted from a short story the students were presented with based on which Mary’s right hand stopped her left hand from grabbing her second, but last, jam tart!

During the afternoon session, the students were presented with the myth of Jason and the Argonauts, and their objective was to let their imagination run wild and come up with their legends. The afternoon session aimed to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to mythology, philosophy and literature to encourage critical thinking and creativity. The end result: Philosophy rules

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