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Barakos Hill, Varkiza (above Ribas)
4 Demesticha st., 16672 Varkiza
9A Kalymnou st., 166 72 Vari
- Art
Batik Creations @DES Nursery, Powered by Christiana Vardakou

The word batik has different interpretations, roughly reflecting how it is made. The word’s root is of Javanese origin and means “to draw with wax”. Historians believe the art of fabric dyeing (batik) was born in Indonesia. “Anbatik” in the local dialect means “tie”. Already in those distant times, women tried to decorate their clothes. This, of course, he pursued his goals – to emphasize that he belongs to a specific genus with a particular colour scheme and patterns. In the world, everything is interconnected. Arts are passed in complex ways in different countries, from person to person, absorbing something new and unique and taking the acquisition further and further. This happened with Batik equipment, the history of the origin and development of which is said to have passed in a complicated, fantastic way. Gradually it turned out to be in demand for creativity and then the finest art of China and Japan. So today, we, in turn, were inspired by Paul Klee’s paintings and created our own with the batik technique. Little artists cannot wait to see the result!

Christiana Vardakou is a textile designer specialising in ethical, handmade textiles for interiors and fashion based in Athens, Greece. After completing her BA: Textile Design studies at UAL: Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, she went on a four-month textile research trip in South East Asia to learn more about traditional textile techniques.
Her work combines her love for contemporary as well as traditional techniques.

Batik is a wax-resist dyeing technique that originated in Indonesia. The applied wax resists the dyes and allows you to colour selectively by painting the fabric with pigments and then removing the wax. Christiana learnt how to Batik while travelling and doing workshops in Bali. She often uses it in her designs and teaches it to children and adults.d in Neo Psychiko. You can find her items there, on her online store, at the Benaki Museum Stores around Athens and the “A Magic Cabinet” online store.
Instagram: christiana_vardakou

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