Τίς ἀγορεύειν βούλεται;

It was the standard question – an invitation from the “ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΔΗΜΟΥ”. The question was answered by any citizen with something important to say, and no one feared a counter-argument. After all, isogoria, i.e. the equal right of every citizen to speak in Pnyka, was one of the main pillars of the Athenian Republic. The plateau of Pnyka was the gathering place of the world, where the ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ of the Municipality convened, and it was the heart of the Republic.

On the hill of Pnyka, nature, and history meet in an uninterrupted unity. In every stone and every tree of the hill still echoes the voices of a living multitude who embodied freedom, justice, and participation. On this historic hill, the symbol of the West first emerged, and the first-world civilization began because democracy is a historical event and a living institution that connects us to today and is a fundamental condition for the continuous development of societies.


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