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“Lenia and Haney: Anafi’s flights” travelled to Sifnos (14th Cycladic Gastronomy Festival

“Lenia and Haney: Anafi’s flights.”

We are pleased to announce that the fairytale “Lenia and Haney: Anafi’s flights” by Mania Armeliniou and Anafi’s student writing group, illustrated by the artist Annie Riga in collaboration with DES, will travel to Sifnos.

The book was written and published to donate all proceeds to Anafi’s school “Manolis Glezos” to cover the children’s basic needs as they face a different school reality.

This year’s 14th Cycladic Gastronomy Festival, “Nikolaos Tselementes”, which will take place in Artemonas, will celebrate an anniversary in an international atmosphere.

The festival is organized by the Cultural Association of Sifnos, which this year celebrates 40 years since its establishment, co-organized by the South Aegean Region, the General Secretariat of the Aegean and Islands and the Municipality of Sifnos, with the support of local associations.

Representatives from the Cyclades islands, other regions of Greece and foreign countries, such as France, Belgium, China, Morocco and Peru, will “meet” in Sifnos. Amateurs and professional cooks will prepare and present their recipes, offering unique dishes to visitors. In a specially designed corner of the square, children aged 6 to 12, the “Tselementakia”, will participate in cooking games and competitions, dressed in aprons and colourful chef’s hats.

DES will attend the festival, supporting Anafi through the “Miles and Soul” programme, making this island known internationally.

The active participation of children in the festival (Tselementakia) will allow us to interact with different cultures and bring back flavours, aromas, and memories that we will share with our students.

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