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International Friendship Day 2023

What is Friendship?

A friend is someone you know, like and enjoy spending time with. A friend may help you when you are in trouble or need help. The relationship between friends is what we call a friendship.

Activities that people do with their friends include:

  • Playing
  • Sharing
  • Working with each other and supporting each other with tasks that need doing
  • Compliment each other, and help them to feel good about themselves
  • Listen to each other
  • Make each other laugh

International Friendship Day 2023 is celebrated on 30th July, and it’s recognised on the same day every year. This event is sometimes called International Day of Friendship, too.

What is the history of International Friendship Day?

When recognising International Friendship Day 2023, it is the ideal time to think about the history of this important event. 

International Friendship Day is an initiative born out of a proposal made by UNESCO when establishing the Culture of Peace. 

The Culture of Peace is a set of values and behaviours that reject violence and aim to prevent conflicts. The Culture of Peace was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1997.

Later in 2011, 30th July was established as International Friendship Day. 

Friendship is the crucial gateway that builds bonds and develops camaraderie and trust.


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