“Eco Child” is a project about nature. Natural resources in every form and our ecological footprint were only some of the areas focused on in this project. Every activity was carefully chosen and implemented by all partners. Our project improved children’s creativity, presentation, and artistic skills, and they started to care about the environment. All the pupils involved learnt to recycle/reuse waste materials and created their own stories. This project was an excellent opportunity for teachers to improve their skills in the English language, create new friendships, expand their knowledge on topics about nature and exchange ideas about different teaching methods with teachers from the other partner countries. During the project, teachers and pupils took part in gardening activities, crafts made from recyclable materials, making videos, and creating small sketches. They carefully collected water samples from a Romanian lake and a Lithuanian river, which was preserved in the World Water Museum as a symbolic act and expression of environmental concern. The children tried to understand the annual waste of natural resources using visuals and cartoon characters. Teachers showed the pupils ways to recycle things that can’t be used, how to reuse things they believe they couldn’t use in another way and how to reduce the amount of waste. We also agreed on various activities, such as football match, karaoke and dance shows, bike tours and nature walk to collect garbage. Pupils also learnt about agriculture and grew their vegetables in the gardens and greenhouse. After learning the essential elements of a story, they wrote their own stories about nature!

Further information available on the project’s website 

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