“In order to achieve rational, inclusive and sustainable growth, to create a workforce equipped with the skills stipulated by the markets, we need to make changes in our understanding of education in order to support lifelong learning.  Acquiring new skills, promoting creativity and innovation, developing entrepreneurship and ensuring a smooth transition between jobs are critical to a world that will provide more jobs in exchange for higher adaptability.  Simple but effective in the EU, where the working population is declining but needs more work with globalization.  It is important to concentrate on jobs and therefore support entrepreneurship. Research shows that entrepreneurship tendency should be gained during primary education periods.”


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Mobility 1 – TURKEY, OCTOBER 2021, “ICT Skills”

Through Arduino, scratch, 3D workshops and more, the participants
• Increased their level of competence in using technology as a tool for researching,  organizing, evaluating and sharing information
• Collaborated in a suitable and productive way
• Enhanced their social skills and used different points of view to increase innovations and improve the quality of work
• Learned about the education systems and cultures of other countries

Mobility 2 – PORTUGAL, FEBRUARY 2022, “Skills for Employability /Education Coaching”

Through seminars, workshops and discussions, the participants were provided with the necessary consultancy, and communication skills were improved.  Innovative practices were shared and evaluated, and the professional competencies of teachers were improved by understanding the techniques of mentoring and coaching practices.

Mobility 3 – POLAND, JUNE 2022, “Marketing”

A marketing process that includes innovative ideas, business planning,  and building brand awareness is a basic factor of entrepreneurship.  This was analyzed and discussed during the mobility, and the teachers were prepared to return to their schools and share these insights with their students.  The participants enjoyed cultural activities, learned about Gdansk and bonded as a team.

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