Educator Pepi Karoubalis gave an interview on Open TV’s “Hour of Greece” program on the occasion of the Interactive European School (DES) being recognized at the Education Leaders Awards 2023. As she pointed out, it is the second consecutive year that the Interactive European School has been recognized in this specific organization by Boussias Events.

 Pepi Karoubali spoke about differentiated learning, which the educational institution has applied for 20 years, and concerns a particular teaching approach and methodology.

 “The Founder of the School, Dr Billie Konstantara, introduced it to the teaching program to respond to all students and all learning types. Differentiation is implemented so that all students receive and work on the material they can respond to at a given time.”

 She added that differentiation applies to all subjects, from arithmetic to PE. Regarding the benefits that the students get, she pointed out that “it is a process that allows the students to commit to the school, to feel safe and to restore the relationship because in modern times the relationship between the student and the school is not at its best”.

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