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DES participated in the 7th running of the charity race No Finish Line Athens to support “Together for the Children” at the impressive Calatrava Market in OAKA. Our students ran the kilometers of love and solidarity by helping to collect money for the organization: “Together for the Child”. In DES we learn that for our fellow human beings every step, every kilometer counts significantly!

“No Finish Line Athens”, the largest charity race in Greece in terms of offer, participation, and duration, member of the No Finish Line Global Series, returns to Athens for the 7th consecutive year from Wednesday, May 10 to Sunday, May 14, 2023, at Calatrava Market of OAKA.

The organization, through the five-day 100-hour race that it implements in collaboration with the “Together for the Child” Association, raises money and contributes on an annual basis to the implementation of children’s programs of organizations, foundations, and clubs while at the same time, it educates, educates and cultivates, mentality and culture dissemination-support-participation in charitable actions.


The NFL Athens, like every year, in addition to its charitable nature and the support of the 30,000 children of the Union, has in its program many parallel actions, which make it a unique sports-cultural-entertainment-social event, which was awarded as the top charity, social and sporting event in Greece, offering a complete package to every family, school, club, company, and individual.


The uniqueness and attractiveness of the race is the ease it provides for every person and every team to participate and offer either walking or running, at any time and moment of the day and night, without the time and mileage limitation, with the ultimate goal of registration of kilometres that are converted into money for the implementation of programs by the Association “Together for the Child”.

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