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Barakos Hill (above Ribas), Varkiza, Greece
4 Demesticha st., 166 72 Varkiza, Greece
9A Kalimnou st., 166 72 Vari, Greece
DES & STARLINK : The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible

Des continues to upgrade its IT infrastructure.

At DES, we love evolution and constantly renew our infrastructure to provide an excellent educational level.

To provide our school and students with faster Internet, we made changes and replacements that began some time ago and were completed by installing the relatively expensive and modern Starlink satellite connection. The advanced internet connection system offers the fastest market speed (200 Mbs) and is a guaranteed supplier in any case (difficult weather conditions, connection problems through OTE, HEDNO, etc.)

Specifically, these are the changes that were made:

  • Replaced the whole network backbone of the school (Network Switches, routers, firewall)
  • Optical network connection of the classrooms with the Computer Room
  • Centrally managed Wi-Fi network
  • They replaced all the classroom computers. The new computers are running windows 10 OS. They have plenty of ram and CPU power.

We have upgraded the school’s internet connection by incorporating a Starlink satellite connection. This will provide internet access with speeds over 200Mbs.

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