DecaDes That Changed the World -YEAR 1 SUMMER PLAY

Decades That Changed the World: A Journey Through Time from 1900 to 2024

The Year 1 summer play at DES School, “Decades That Changed the World,” was a heartfelt and captivating journey through time, spanning from 1900 to 2024. As the young performers took the stage, they transported the audience through pivotal moments of history, each decade brought to life with music and stories. From the roaring 1920s to the transformative 1960s and into the innovative 21st century, each scene was a testament to the resilience, creativity, and progress that have shaped our world. The children’s enthusiasm and talent shone brightly, evoking nostalgia and hope, reminding us of how far we have come and the endless possibilities. This remarkable performance showcased their incredible abilities and united us all in a shared appreciation for the past and a hopeful vision for the future.

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