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Celebrating the International Day of older persons @ DES KINDERGARTEN
  1. The first day of October is International Day for older persons.
  2. The International Day for the Elderly People is similar to Grandparents Day.
  3. On this day, children often gift cards to senior citizens.
  4. The contributions of older people to our society are tremendous, and we should never forget that.
  5. Older adults deserve our respect, love, and support.
  6. Older people need help to survive because of their degrading health due to age, and we must actively do so whenever and however we can.
  7. Society has aggregated thanks to all the contributions made by the generations before us.
  8. Older people have a lot of wisdom because of all the experiences they have had in life.
  9. Children should ardently listen to older people when they voluntarily impart their wisdom.
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