A group of teachers and students from Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia recently had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus program in Athens, Greece, called “The World of the Tree”. The program focused on environmental sustainability and allowed the group to explore Ymittos Mountain, take part in an upcycling workshop with a local artist, watch a live demonstration on fire safety by firefighters, and go on a trek through the forest.
The group also visited some of Greece’s most famous landmarks, including the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and Plaka. They even participated in their school’s talent show and voted for their favourite performer! Whilst on the school premises they attended a STEM and an art workshop related to the project. On the very last day, the group experienced our spring food festival during which they tasted unique flavours from all around the world!
The Erasmus program is an excellent way for students and teachers to learn about different cultures, teaching methods, and academic systems while promoting language learning and intercultural understanding.
Overall, the “The World of the Tree” Erasmus program in Athens was an enriching experience that left the participants feeling inspired and more knowledgeable about environmental issues and Greek culture.

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