DES in the grand final of the Panhellenic Educational Robotics and STEM Competition.

DES is among the elite schools that distinguished themselves in the preliminary phase of the Panhellenic Educational Robotics and STEM Competition. The judges just announced that DES is in the grand final of the competition, which will be held on 3/30!

We celebrate a remarkable achievement that exemplifies dedication, creativity, and teamwork. Our brilliant students, Artem Kondachkov and Lithum Don Manage, have reached the finals of the Panhellenic competition for STEM and robotics.

To our elementary school students who worked on this robotics project, your journey to this moment has been nothing short of inspiring. Your passion for robotics and technology has propelled you to the finals and ignited a spark of curiosity and innovation within each of you.

However, your accomplishments extend beyond robotics. In addition to showcasing your technical prowess, you presented your work to visitors, sharing your ideas with the wider community.

No matter the outcome of the finals, know that you have already achieved something extraordinary. Your dedication, creativity, and spirit of collaboration inspire us all.

Congratulations, finalists! Your journey is just beginning, and I cannot wait to see where your dreams and ambitions will take you next. Thank you for inspiring us all with your talent and passion.


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