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Средняя школа
Итакис 50А, 19400 Агиа Марина Коропиу
Начальная школа
Лофос Бараку (вверх по холму от комплекса Ribas), Варкиза
Детский сад (οт 4 до 6 лет)
Деместиха 4, 166 72, Варкиза
Детский сад (οт 2 до 4 лет)
Калимну 9А, 166 72, Вари

Privacy Policy


DES includes Primary School located in Varkiza Attikis (Lofos Barakou), Kindergarten also located in Varkiza Attikis (Demestixa 4) and Nursery located in Vari Attikis (Kalimnou 9A), while the Primary School includes an International Baccalaureate department (I.B.). Within the framework of its statutory objectives, the School provides educational services and promotes all kinds of cultural and educational activities. In the light of protecting the children and parents that trust DES for their children’s education, we give primary consideration to the protection of the personal sphere of our students and their parents and to their personal data that we process.

The present Information Statement regarding Personal Data Protection concerns the processing of the personal data of DES’s website [www.deschool.eu] visitors (hereinafter DES’s website). Through the present Policy, the School declares its commitment to respect the personal data of DES’s website visitors, of users that log in its electronic services by using passwords, of students, parents, teachers, employees or of third parties (hereinafter: “Visitors” or “Data Subjects”) that choose a service through DES’s website.


  • Data registered by the Visitor: during visiting, using, or surfing DES’s website, the Visitor may be requested to provide his/her personal data in order to either use a service, or take part in an activity or event of DES, or in order to submit an application. The personal data that may be requested from the Visitor are inter alia name, surname, demographics, contact information, profession, economic information photograph, cv or other data related to the act/activity that he or she chooses through DES’s website, and the above information is collected regardless of the mean by which it is submitted by the Visitor (e.g. website’s contact form, use of personal email addresses to send information).
  • Access data: In addition, while entering www.deschool.eu personalized data may be recorded, concerning the device through which the Visitor got access to the website, such as the Visitor’s IP address, geographic access data, access device uniqueness detectors, browser information, browser’s language, operating system version, date and time of request, website addresses or related information. This information is used to detect access to DES’s website, whilst the website’s use by personal IP addresses is in no case revealed. These data (Web server logs) are periodically deleted.
  • Cookies: in addition to the abovementioned data, while using the website, cookies are saved in the Visitor’s computer, that is small data files in form of a text (text files) which are saved in the device used by the Visitor, in each user’s personal profile file (such as for example, in computers using Windows in the file “c:\users\profile name\appdata and under the condition that the user has not modified the settings) and send to our server the device’s recognition data so that a unique number of recognition is created. It is noted that, except for the so-called necessary cookies, which are the cookies for functionality and preferences and which are absolutely necessary for the Visitor to have unhindered access and use of the website, all the other cookies are registered to our server only after the Visitor has given his/her consent and after he has activated them during his entering the website.


Information on cookies

Cookies used by our website are distinguished in:

  1. Cookies for functionality and preferences, which are absolutely necessary for you to have unhindered access and use of our website, and not possible to be disactivated. These cookies are small data files in form of a text (text files), which are saved to the device used by the Visitor and send to our server recognition data for the Visitor’s device, so that a unique recognition number is created. Only our website can read the cookies for functionality and preferences. Their target is to make the Visitor’s surfing the website more friendly and overall more effective. Specifically, these cookies contain the following information: unique – random website visitor’s ID, Time of first visit of the specific Visitor of the website, Time of last visit of the specific Visitor, Number of visits of the specific visitor, user’s identity information, Information on consent options for monitoring, Information on target website.
  2. Optional cookies, which we can use only after the Visitor has given his/her consent, that is after he/she has activated them through the relevant links we provide while entering the Website. In any case, you can disactivate the optional cookies any time by the same way.

Furthermore, Optional Cookies are distinguished in two subcategories that we mention hereunder:

  1. Cookies for statistics and analysis, which allow us to find out the Visitor’s preferences, extract statistical data and thus improve our website, ii) Advertising cookies, which provide information for our school, so that our advertisements are oriented to your preferences.

Regarding the links to websites of third parties: it is possible that in DES’ s website there are hyperlinks leading, to our visitors’ convenience, to other websites. It is noted that DES does not control websites of third parties and bears no responsibility for their content or for practices/safety policies they follow or for the link of these other websites.


Why do we collect personal data – legal basis for processing

Data that are collected through DES’s Website, as these are provided by the Visitor, are collected after application of the Subject itself: in order for us to evaluate employment applications to DES, electronically submitted through our Website, as well as to inform on its activities, to fulfill a request for use of DES’ s services, for any participation to event/act of DES or of third party to be submitted, to send emails or letters regarding the issues that the Subject itself has chosen during his/her signing in or during filling in the relevant communication form that exists on our website, or by sending the requested data through a personal email address, in order to detect any problems with our server (through the IP address) and manage DES’s website by checking which parts of it have the biggest frequency of visits (e.g. through Google Analytics). It is noted that we do not connect the IP addresses to a specific subject.

The basis for recording the website’s protocol address and the processing of data from the Repository and the Mandatory Cookie is our legal interest to protect security and integrity of the Website.

The processing of the Visitors’ data by the Optional Cookies is based on the Visitor’s consent, that is the activation of each cookie during the Visitor’s entering the Website, which he can recall any time by the same way, by disactivating the cookies he does not want.

Data recipients

All personal data provided by DES’s website Visitor and their processing is limited to DES and its school units, and the personal data are only available to DES’s stuff and its Services, who are bound by a confidentiality obligation.

Personal data that are provided by the Subject itself through DES’s website may be notified to a third party so that a request for service’s use will be fulfilled or so that the participation of the subject to an act / event of a third party will be registered. In case of notification of these data, the Subject of these data is informed while filling in the relevant form / application.

It is noted that we may use and notify the personal data that have been provided to us through DES’ s website in any case that we are obliged to do it according to the current legislation or when this is necessary for the objectives of our legal interests or in the framework of exercising our activity or when the data are processed by our partners or by third parties, always making sure that guarantees for safety and protection of your data are met.

Links to third parties’ websites

It is possible that in DES’ s website there are hyperlinks leading, to our visitors’ convenience, to other websites. It is noted that DES does not control websites of third parties and bears no responsibility for their content or for practices/safety policies they follow or for the link of these other websites.

Sending of electronic communications

DES may send you an electronic communication message to the email address you have stated during filling in the form that exists on our website, or to the email address by which the subject has sent to DES any requested data (e.g. CV).

If you send us an email, you should know that the information included in that message may not be safe or encrypted. Thus, we suggest that you carefully send personal or confidential information that are included in emails.

Data Protection

DES has followed the appropriate safety measures in order to impede third parties’ access, to maintain data’s accuracy and ensure the right use of information / data that are collected by the Website’s visitors. However, information’s transmission through the Internet or though the data storage system is not capable of providing security 100%. DES has adopted all the necessary measures in order to secure the data it collects through the website and the further processing / use of them.

Data retention period

  • Personal data that are provided by the Subjects themselves through DES’ s website are maintained for the period specified for each one of them in each activity and according to the objective of their processing and, in case of any claims raised, for as long as it takes for their irrevocable resolution.
  • The IP address of the Visitor’s device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) which is automatically registered to our server during entering our website, is maintained for a period of one day from the entrance and is afterwards automatically deleted.
  • Session Cookies are deleted when the Visitor logs out or turns off the browser.


Subjects’ rights

DES respects and follows all the rights of the data’s subjects envisaged in the General Regulation. In specific, subjects maintain the right to access their data processing (“Right to access”) and can apply for and receive further information (“Right to information”) for the processing taking place. Furthermore, subjects have the following rights deriving from the General Regulation, under the conditions and with the possibilities of exercising them according to the relevant articles of the General Regulation: Right to correct and complete their data, Right to delete their data, Right to limit the processing, Right to data portability, Right to oppose to further processing, Right to recall consent in the case of personal data collected under subject’s consent.

To exercise its rights, the Subject can submit a written request to DES, to the contact information hereunder. DES will answer within a reasonable period of time after officially receiving the written request, with the possibility of an extension when this is necessary and according to the request’s complexity, as defined in the General Regulation.

Surveillance Authority

The Greek surveillance authority for monitoring the implementation of the regulation and other issues related to your personal data processing, is the Hellenic Data Protection Authority [www.dpa.gr, address: Kifisias avenue no.1-3, P.C. 11523, telephone: +302106475600, email: contact@dpa.gr].

Review of Personal Data Information Policy

The present information policy, as entered into force in  24/2/2022, has been drafted according to the General Regulation’s provisions regarding the protection of Personal Data (E.U.) 2016/679 and according to Greek legislation. The information policy is likely to be updated in the future and any amendment will be posted on DES’s website and will bear a date of revision.



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