Apart from the curriculum, what else is unique about DES?

At DES we believe in the knowledge, skills and values that our students must cultivate at this age. Self-confidence, self-awareness, self-management, courage, empathy, critical thinking, humanism, ecological consciousness, love for animals, charity, aesthetic criteria are some of the characteristics of our students and the next generation of citizens of the world. Over time, it takes systematic engagement and repetition to conquer these values and attributes in our children. We expose these young minds to these ways of thinking and acting through many group and individual activities. We maintain relations of mutual support with the association for the blind, the nursing home “Estia Constantinoupoleos”, the shelter for minors in Piraeus: “Kalos Poimin”, the association for the rehabilitation and special education of people with disabilities “Panagia Evangelistria”, we participate in the International book giving day by giving books to various institutions, we host domestic animals in the school premises, donkeys, sheep, chicken, turtles, fish, etc., we make sure to do monthly art-loving activities, we cultivate a greenhouse, we systematically organize beach cleaning and many other ecological activities. For us, these activities and relationships do not occur under exceptional circumstances but are steady and repetitive, part of our everyday life.  After all, according to Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do…”

What kind of certification does DES offer?

A student who completes DES  primary school receives a certification of a Greek programme: a primary school graduation certificate, according to the curriculum of the Greek Ministry of Education, an IB PYP certificate as well as a B1 level certification of English language and an A1 level certification for foreign languages, certifications corresponding to the age group of our students after written examinations outside the school at the relevant bodies.

Which high school can DES students attend?

DES specializes in primary education. We believe that primary education is the basis of our children’s long-term education and lays the foundations of a positive relationship between human beings and lifelong education. The bilingual programme of our school in combination with one of the foreign languages (Spanish, French, German) – that children learn daily, allows our students to choose any Greek, English, French or German school they wish to continue their studies. Our students have been successfully admitted and absorbed into all schools of their choice. This is possible because DES prepares students for the next level through a rich, high quality, bilingual programme that aims to deepen knowledge acquisition and maintain available choices for the future.
During this crucial six-year period, we continuously cultivate our children’s skills and knowledge and build solid foundations in both languages so they can head to the next level based on their abilities, skills, and type of higher education studies they wish. Let’s not forget that at the age of 12, both students and parents can rely on more stable criteria for these decisions than at the age of 6. That is why we consider these six years to be of inestimable value!

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